In Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur, Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson explain the five essential traits shared by successful entrepreneurs. In addition to being successful entrepreneurs, Westwood and Johnson surveyed 100,000+ other founders of organizations with $1M or more in revenue. What they found is that the vast majority believed in the same core values for success, regardless of the business or the individual’s background.

Read your copy of Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur and learn what common traits shared by all successful individuals.

Ryan Westwood is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. In The Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur, he succinctly summarizes data from successful business founders and CEOs in an easy to digest way that both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs will find useful. His matter-of-fact writing style and storytelling are both eloquent and to the point. The end-of-chapter action plans give the reader specific steps toward becoming successful entrepreneurs. This is a business book worthy of your valuable time.

Jonathan Johnson Chairman of the Board